Cairns Hinterland Steiner School has been in operation for 20 years and counting! Situated in Far-North Queensland, nestled between some of the world's oldest tropical rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef, CHSS provides a beautiful, natural environment for its students. At its core, the school operates on four key values: child-responsive education, quality in teaching and learning, and community engagement.

After a realisation that CHSS's existing digital presence was missing, the school partnered with Digistorm to create a new website that captured the essence of CHSS and told its story. In this interview, we chat with Marcus McDonald, Business Manager at Cairns Hinterland Steiner School and a key player in the school's website project. 

About the project

To fully capture the school's unique selling points, the team knew it would be essential to not only highlight its story, brand, and outstanding campus. But, they needed a little guidance.

We knew what we wanted in terms of the story we were trying to tell with our website. We wanted to show our brand, profile our grounds, our curriculum, and our point of difference, but we didn’t really know how to get there and I think that’s where Digistorm enabled that.

Marcus tells us there were a few non-negotiables for the new website project:

  • A seamless professional look to elevate their brand
  • Powerful and engaging imagery to highlight the campus
  • Better quality lead capture capabilities to boost enrolment opportunities

On working with Digistorm

Marcus says our team provided a clear way to proceed with his team's vision for the new website.

It was the first step and when dealing with Digistorm there was an acknowledgement that we were pretty new at this, and it was very much a supportive, hand-holding experience, which we greatly appreciated. From the initial discussion right through to working with other teams, it was very customer-focused. Digistorm was very willing to suggest solutions that met our needs in a simple way. 

From a non-technical and content management standpoint,  Marcus says the school's new Digistorm Website is incredibly easy to manage and has been impressed by our ongoing training. 

I would recommend Digistorm to any school, I think they’ve got a real presence in the education market and that speaks volumes. The process was easy, and if you do run into any trouble, training is always available.

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Published 4 May 2021