Founded in 1990, Cornerstone College is one of the largest co-educational secondary schools in South Australia’s Adelaide Hills. Catering for years 7-12, there are approximately 860 students enrolled at the College. Rochelle Rogers is the Registrar and PA to the Principal at Cornerstone College. Operating as an admissions team of one, Rochelle tells us that Digistorm Funnel has been a game-changer for saving time while adding a personal touch to all lead interactions.

Small admissions team challenges

As a one-person team, Rochelle’s time and resources are in short supply. Required to manage admissions, events, and communications to nurture prospective families, a system was missing to help ease this process. Like many K-12 schools across the globe, Cornerstone College relied on multiple spreadsheets to manage its admissions process. The result? An inefficient system for storing lead data, which made it difficult to identify all of the different touch points families had with the College throughout the enrolment journey. 

Additionally, the interview process proved challenging for the College’s Principal, Craig Fielke, as the spreadsheets either didn’t contain enough information about families or had unreliable, mismatched information. 

Why Funnel?

Principal Fielke says he was looking for three key factors in moving the College’s paper-based system online:

  • Value for money 
  • Continuity throughout the enrolment journey
  • Easy touchpoint tracking of leads

After already implementing a Digistorm App at Cornerstone College, the team became aware of Digistorm’s other product offerings, including our leading school CRM, Funnel. Rochelle says that for her, the greatest improvement since implementing Funnel is the level of personalisation she’s now able to provide to her families. 

One of the greatest things I’ve found with Funnel is giving that personal experience to my families. If they call, I can see very quickly whether I’ve had contact with them before, how I’ve been relating with them, what communications they’ve received. So I’ve got a clear picture of how I can assist them.

Bonus Funnel wins

  • Better reporting and enrolment projections
  • Added efficiencies within Rochelle’s role 
  • Transparent mapping of lead stages 
  • Easy access to lead information for Principal interviews

Standout features

When it comes to her most-loved Funnel features, Rochelle says it’s the Events and Communication modules. 

I really appreciate the time I can save by setting up events in Funnel. It gives me a clear record of who’s attending and when I can make contact with those families. I also love being able to send bulk emails with the Communications module — that is an absolute time saver!

Rochelle says Funnel’s overall experience and ease of use has also exceeded expectations.  

Funnel is extremely easy to use, especially with Digistorm’s support network in place. When we went through the onboarding process, I was taken step-by-step and found it highly personable. My feedback and suggestions were taken on board, which made me feel valued.  

Take a closer look at how Funnel’s Automations and Reporting modules can take your admissions process to the next level: 

Published 19 July 2021