At Digistorm, we’ve been building custom branded apps for K-12 schools across the world since 2011. Our apps allow schools to centralise their various communication tools into one easy-to-access place, send real-time updates, and send targeted communications to their families. 

Along the way, we’ve also developed several clever integrations to connect with our school’s existing software systems and deliver even greater user experiences. This is where our Digistorm App for EdSmart integration comes in!

What is EdSmart?

EdSmart is a cloud-based school organisation system for digital administration and communication. At its heart, EdSmart is a digital form, workflow, and best practice process automation solution for K-12 Schools designed to minimise manual effort and boost efficiency. The platform streamlines countless day-to-day tasks, including form and permission management, through a series of interrelated modules designed to serve different purposes in school administration. 

How does the Digistorm App for EdSmart integration work?

Our seamless integration means that all of the key features schools love about EdSmart are now available inside a Digistorm App! You can now send targeted notifications and easy-to-complete permissions forms straight into the palm of your parent’s hands. 


Image of school app integration

Key integration features

Let’s look at some of the key integration features our schools love about the Digistorm App for EdSmart integration.

1. Push notifications

One of our most-loved app features is push notifications. This handy tool allows you to instantly send targeted messages and reminders about any outstanding or pending permissions forms through a dedicated EdSmart module within the Digistorm App. In a mobile-first world, push notifications make following up with parents a breeze! 

2. Online permission form 

Now that parents know they have an outstanding permission form for their child, they can quickly complete it all through the Digistorm App. By simply accessing the EdSmart app module, parents can view urgent forms, complete and submit permission forms with just the flick of a finger! 

3. Automated tracking

When implementing any new software, we all know that reporting is everything! With our seamless integration, schools can access permission form delivery, open rates, and completion rates. Our schools say their parents love the immediacy of approving or denying permission forms directly in their school app.

The integration between EdSmart and Digistorm happens so seamlessly that I forget about it. That, to me, is the real telling of a system that works!

Katrina Barracu, Executive Assistant/Daily Planner Launceston Christian School

4. History of absentees

There are multiple scenarios where it’s essential for schools to quickly produce a list of student absentees, but gathering that information can be tricky if you don’t have the right tools in place. Our integration instantly provides an up-to-date, complete history of all student absences directly through the EdSmart module to alleviate stress and streamline processes. 

Our parents love the immediacy. We now average between 95% and 97% response rates within a week of sending out a notice. Lost paperwork is almost unheard of now, but if a parent has accidentally deleted a slip, it is very simple to resend it.

Burnside Primary, South Australia 

Next steps

If you’d like to learn more about what the Digistorm App for EdSmart integration can do for your school’s communication processes, talk to our friendly team. We’ll run you through a quick, no-pressure product walkthrough so that you can see the integration in action. 

Published 30 August 2021