You know what they say, “good things come in three, and that’s just what we’re bringing you with the Digistorm App, Schoolbox and Clipboard integration. We’ve partnered up with these two carefully selected platforms to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that we can support the evolving needs of our schools and their students. 

We believe this integration has created the ultimate student-first and holistic approach to school communication. So, what does our triple-threat partnership include? How does our partnership with two of the best ed-tech providers in the industry deliver a complete education experience? This post will tackle three key features of our integration and how schools can benefit from this unique partnership. But first, a quick overview of the Digistorm App and our integration partners. 



At Digistorm, we’ve been building custom school app solutions, websites, and admissions platforms for K-12 schools across the globe since 2011. Our plug-and-play solution offers various custom and standard modules to choose from so that our schools can have the perfect communication tool for their unique goals. Along the way, we’ve created clever integrations with a range of ed-tech providers to connect our school’s existing software solutions into the app and deliver an even greater experience for users. 



Schoolbox is a highly customisable Learning Management System (LMS) and Community Portal. The platform is designed to create a virtual learning environment that supports student learning and wellbeing both in and beyond the classroom. 


Clipboard is a purpose-built platform that simplifies extracurricular activity
management for schools, improving the experience for students, parents, and staff. It offers a user-friendly, single solution that streamlines administrative tasks, including activity scheduling, attendance tracking, parent communication, reporting and more. With its intuitive interface and real-time integrations, Clipboard keeps schools and parents connected effortlessly.

Our top three integration benefits

1. A holistic student approach

There’s more to the student experience than just the academics. Creating lifelong learners who can realise their full potential means considering a range of factors, such as emotional development and personal growth — this is where our collaboration with Schoolbox and Clipboard comes in.

As an extracurricular management system (EMS), Clipboard unites all extracurricular activities within a custom Digistorm App module. Schoolbox, on the other hand, manages all aspects of teaching and learning, student wellbeing and school events. With the Digistorm App, we’re able to bring all aspects of student life, learning, and communication into one central location, making it easy for users to stay informed and connected to your school. 


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2. Centralised student and family communication

Rather than relying on multiple communication tools and channels, our integration creates a seamless experience where everything a parent or student might need is available with just the flick of a finger. So whether they’re looking for information about next week’s sports training, changes to musical rehearsal schedule or feedback on their assessment, they can find it all in one place. 

What’s more, the Digistorm App makes managing communication for your school’s team a breeze. Communication is often handled (or sometimes double-handled) by multiple teams at your school. It can be a laborious, time-consuming task that many marketing and admissions teams just don’t have the time or resources to manage effectively. Our integration allows teams to manage communication across Schoolbox and Clipboard, all within the Digistorm App. You can then send quick and targeted notifications to the right audiences through the app’s advanced segmentation capabilities. 

3. Ease of access with single sign-on

Managing multiple passwords is not only a challenge but a security risk for your school. Rather than juggling usernames and passwords for three separate platforms, our integration allows users to authenticate through single sign-on (SSO). This means that you can gain access without having to switch between different systems. 

Next steps!

If you’d like to learn more about what the Digistorm App for Schoolbox and Clipboard integration can do for your school’s communication processes, talk to our friendly team. We’ll run you through a quick, no-pressure product walkthrough so that you can see the integration in action. 

Published 15 July 2021