Maintaining good mental and physical health is crucial for our overall well-being. At Digistorm, we aim to be a place where everyone can thrive, both in our physical office space and our culture.  Part of this mission means prioritising our collective physical and mental health. It’s a focus for us as individuals, but also something that management loves to inspire in us, too! Our wider team tends to move by the motto that if we feel great, we work great. 

Last year we launched our Employee Wellness initiative, where each employee is given a $100 allowance per year to splash on anything that enhances their mental or physical wellness. From saunas to spearfishing, the team harnessed their creative energy to brew up a sweat. 

How our employees splashed their wellness allowance 

It was of little surprise that joining a gym was one of the most popular choices. Physical exercise is crucial for maintaining good health, and regular workout classes can be a great way to stay motivated and accountable. Whether it's yoga, dance, boxing, or spinning, there's guaranteed benefit from kicking out the running shoes and working up a sweat.

A few of our employees signed up for the local gym, and have taken everything from Zumba classes to boxing. It’s also great seeing our staff team up and hit the gym together, before work or at lunch, and helping each other reach their personal fitness goals.

Some members of the Digistorm Run Club chose to use their allowance to pay for the entry fee in a marathon! 



Massages and day spa activities have also been popular choices for our team members. What could be better than some nice aromatherapy or a eucalyptus sauna trip to ease the jitters of a long day? Our team members came back from the spa relaxed and re-energised, ready to take on the challenge of developing our industry-leading products!

Out of the box wellness choices

While hitting the gym or going to a spa are good choices, we did have our fair share of unorthodox health and wellness outlets. For example, some of the guys in the office decided they’d like to jump into the world of spearfishing and ended up using their allowance to purchase a couple of spearfishing guns!

Good on them for thinking outside of the box. Who are we to judge how they get their exercise in? And with the ocean just a street away from our Gold Coast HQ office, they don’t have to go far to let off some steam.

Our Implementations Specialist, Karl, who combs his hours into Funnel onboarding, put his wellness allowance towards a 2-month gym membership. "It's refreshing to be part of a company that takes the wellness of its employees seriously," says Karl. 

Meanwhile, our Business Support guru Holly nabbed herself a set of golf clubs. She's now pretty much a part-time golfer, rivalling other keen golfers in the office (Rob, we're looking at you).

Other interesting picks included cold pool plunges, surf lessons and herbal supplements.


One thing's for sure, the people of Digistorm are making the most of this initiative and it shows no sign of ending.  

Published 4 April 2023