Calling all schools focusing on global recruitment — we’re proud to introduce our brand new Funnel + EnrollerConvert integration! Learn how to streamline your international recruitment journey and focus on building your school’s community with this exciting partnership.

What is Funnel?

Funnel is our all-in-one school enrolments solution, specifically designed to help K-12 schools reach their enrolment goals. Our intuitive and user-friendly system streamlines your entire enrolments process, leaving more time to focus on what really matters – building your community! Packed with tonnes of features like advanced CRM functionality, event management, personalised communications, lead capture forms, automations, and reporting, Funnel will help you transform your entire enrolments process.

About Enroller

Founded in 2015, Enroller is a New Zealand-based company that’s on a mission to open the world to new educational opportunities and make busy lives easier through digital transformation. Working with more than 80 top schools in NZ, Australia and the USA and 1,500 K-12 focused education agents across 37 countries, Enroller streamlines international student recruitment while keeping the process 100% compliant for smoother visa processing. EnrollerConvert is a full-service marketing and admissions platform designed to recruit, convert, and grow your international school enrolments.

How does the integration work?

EnrollerConvert provides schools with a purpose-built international student enrolment platform. With our new integration, schools can gain oversight of their complete student enrolment pipeline without compromising on the needs of students and education agents by including them in a domestic enrolment process. 


Setting up the Funnel + EnrollerConvert integration takes less than two minutes! You’ll then be able to automatically share student, parent, and enrolment data seamlessly from Enroller directly into Funnel. As a result, your school can now nurture international leads throughout the enrolment journey. 

Now for the technical details. Funnel customers will request a digital ‘key’ from within your account settings to set up the integration. This key will need to be copied and pasted into your school’s Enroller settings before clicking a ‘connect’ button to validate the key and successfully authorise data flow between the two systems. In Funnel, all you’ll need to do is request for our support team to create a new field called ‘Enroller URL’ — and that’s it! 

Key benefits

Let’s take a look at some of the key integration features your school will love about the Funnel + EnrollerConvert integration.

1. Enhance the experience for international students 

By combining the power of Funnel and EnrollerConvert, you’ll enhance the entire enrolment experience for international applicants and gain access to key features like automations and communications to nurture families in a personalised, yet efficient way. 

2. Digitise paper-heavy processes

Managing admissions is often a paper-heavy process — but it doesn’t have to be! Ditch the manual data entry by creating a streamlined, easy-to-follow enrolment process that maximises the user experience for your prospective families. 

3. Seamless visa compliance

Rest easy knowing that your school will be 100% compliant with Australian and New Zealand Government regulations for enrolling international students with EnrollerConverts CSIRO compliant support. 

4. Work toward one goal

The ability to automatically share data between your two systems increases administrative efficiencies and saves hours of your teams’ time while aligning your international and domestic recruitment teams.

We are excited to realise the benefits of the partnership and integration between Digistorm and Enroller. To be able to track our entire pipeline across domestic and international from one place, and not multiple spreadsheets, is going to make life much better for our international, marketing and admissions teams.

Scots College, Wellington NZ


Next steps! 

If you’d like to learn more about what our Funnel + EnrollerConvert integration can do for your school’s international enrolment processes, talk to our friendly team. We’ll run you through a quick, no-pressure product walkthrough so that you can see the integration in action.
Published 1 October 2021