Are you looking for ways to boost new enrolment enquiries? Do you want to gain insights into fee sentiment, and provide a positive experience for families all at the same time? Look no further than our brand new Funnel + Feesable integration! It’s the perfect combination of easy-to-use tools to help your school generate, nurture, and manage enrolment enquiries.

What's Funnel?

Funnel is our all-in-one school enrolments solution, designed to help K-12 schools reach their enrolment goals. Packed with clever features like advanced CRM functionality, lead capture forms, event management, reporting, and automations, Funnel will transform your entire process while providing an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

About Feesable

Feesable is an Australian-owned company that was founded by two Sydney-based Dads, with a desire to make quality education accessible to more people. The team is driven by their mission to create simple and meaningful experiences that provide parents with extra transparency around school fees while helping schools gain valuable enrolment enquiries. 

How does the integration work?

Our integration is a seamless one-way data push from Feesable into Funnel. When a new fee estimate is calculated on your school website using the Fee Calculator, this data will be automatically sent to Funnel, helping your school track new lead enquiries and nurture them through to enrolment. There's no need to worry about data being overridden as Funnel will always be the source of truth. If a new fee estimate is submitted from an existing lead within Funnel, you can rest assured that Feesable won’t overwrite or undo any of the hard work you might have already done with that lead.

How does Funnel + Feesable help your school?

1. Lead generation

Boost new enrolment enquiries with the Feesable Fee Calculator, then nurture those leads directly in Funnel. Families will submit their details to receive a fee estimate, assuring that your school gains quality lead information. 

2. Track fee sentiment 

Gain insights on customer sentiment to better understand attitudes towards school fees, the overall fee experience and the influence on enrolment decisions.

3. Streamline communication 

Manage all family communications directly in Funnel to provide even greater personalised enrolment experiences.

4. Advanced reporting

Access advanced analytics and reporting tools to make more data-driven enrolment decisions for your school. We can run strategy sessions with your leadership teams to move analytics insight to action.

5. Improved brand experience

Fee information can be complex for parents and in today’s interactive, transactional culture, people expect more than just a PDF. Feesable offers a simple experience to help parents clearly understand school fees without the need to download, print, or make calculations themselves. Providing clarity, transparency, and simplicity for parents in their fee research delivers a great brand experience and could be a major factor in their enrolment decision.

Additionally, the Feesable Fee Calculator can also investigate attitudes and trends toward fees by applying survey questions about school fees and the commercial value proposition of the school. This can help schools shape their business strategy and engage with prospective parents.

Let's hear what some of our schools have to say

“The new integration is a game-changer for us. Our College Registrar can now identify at the click of a button any leads that have come through via Feesable into Funnel and this has improved our efficiencies and response rates overnight. I recommend working with Feesable to anyone and I am really thankful to Digistorm for making this all possible." 

David Gray, Director of Mission and Community at Belmont Christian College.


“To now have these applications integrated is a great step forward to help track our enquiries through to application and enrolment. This will benefit our school with better marketing intelligence and coordination, but will also benefit prospective families as we have an integrated connection point through the Digistorm Funnel dashboard.”

Brendan Wood, Assistant Business Manager and Marketing Manager at Green Point Christian College


“I am genuinely loving the Funnel + Feesable integration! The ability to capture leads from Feesable and have them flow directly into Funnel is fantastic.”

Brenton Luchow, Marketing & Communications, Central Coast Adventist School

Why fee transparency is important for schools

Using Feesable to clearly show school fees is an easy way to help parents engage with your school. By being transparent about fees, schools can build positive sentiment with parents early in the fee conversation, and help them to trust the school’s approach. Ultimately, this can make parents feel more confident in moving from enquiry to enrolment.

Next steps!

Ready to learn more about how this integration is your go-to tool for website visitors into genuine enrolment enquiries? Talk to our friendly team to learn how the Funnel + Feesable integration can benefit your school. We’ll get to know your goals and run you through a quick, no-pressure walkthrough so that you can see the integration in action. The setup is simple – your school can be up and running in as little as a few days.

Published 8 November 2021