Parents require a lot from your school. Updates on events, tuckshop orders, easy ways to log absenteeism, excursion details, daily class schedules—it’s enough to make their head spin. And yours!   

That’s why offering your community great communication and convenient ways to access information is integral. For student retention, family satisfaction, word-of-mouth and more. Not to mention lessening the load of incoming questions on your teachers and wider teams.   

For TASS schools, there’s only one solution that’s flexible, all-encompassing and proven across multiple schools—a Digistorm App integrated with TASS.  

What is TASS? 

TASS is a web-based School Management System that connects various parts of a school, including administration, finance, teachers, parents, students and staff. They aim to increase efficiency with workflow automation, improve data integrity with one central database and offer integrations that enable success, just like the one they have with Digistorm Apps. 

How it works 

One of the best parts of a Digistorm App is the power of multiple integrations, from Schoolbox to social media accounts, Clipboard notifications, and of course, TASS! With this seamless integration, parents can log in to their Digistorm App using their TASS credentials and can then access the Parent Lounge in the palm of their hand. This doesn’t just make it easy for parents to locate the information they need, it reduces stress for teaching staff, allowing instant notifications and a singular communication stream.  

The features

Let’s look at some of the key integration features our schools love about the Digistorm App integrated with TASS.  

1. Centralised information  

Busy parents need ultimate convenience, which means everything in one spot, easy to locate. The TASS integration drags in TASS modules like eDiary, absentee forms and tours and excursions so that it’s right there in the palm of their hand. This combines with other handy school resources available with a Digistorm App—think premium integrations like Clipboard and Schoolbox, and handy links like social media and tuckshop ordering! With one simple and centralised portal, nothing is hard to find and staying up to date is a cinch.  

2. Single sign-on  

When parents and community members have multiple logins for various school platforms, things get complicated—which means things get frustrating. When you have a Digistorm App integrated with TASS, parents can use the same credentials to log in to the Digistorm App that they use to sign into TASS! This means less confusion and more accessibility through your school app. It’s the little simplifications that make all the difference.  

3. Targeted push notifications  

The Digistorm App integrated with TASS allows schools to send urgent push notifications to parents directly through a dedicated alerts module. This means parents know exactly where to look for important information, and will be automatically updated on their phone with anything they need to know. Gone are the days of needing to check emails repeatedly, rely on text messages or worst of all — make a direct call to the school!


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Published 26 February 2024