Key points:
  • Parents have multiple platforms to use to manage their child’s education. It can get complicated! And risky from a security perspective. 
  • A Digistorm + K-12 Solutions integration can simplify the process and tighten security.
  • This results in a better tech experience for parents and school staff—what a win! 

When we stumble across a technology solution that’s great for schools and great for families, we know an integration is around the corner. That’s what we found in Parent ID Passport by K-12 Solutions, an organisation that offers secure, flexible and powerful account management for parents juggling multiple school platforms. 


Backed by Azure B2C, which serves millions of users daily, the K-12 Solutions technology is resilient, simple to onboard and highly compatible with other online services. We’re proud as punch to be welcoming them into the Digistorm domain. 

About Digistorm Apps 

Digistorm Apps offer a seamless way to connect with school communities. Designed with the entire school community in mind and matched to the school’s brand, our apps are a comprehensive communication tool for parents, staff, and students. With a Digistorm App, your school community has access to all the information they need, right in the palm of their hand. Our finely-tuned functionality allows schools to send notices, upload newsletters, and update their school calendar through a simple content management system (CMS). It’s also possible to view key data in the app dashboard to measure downloads and gain a clear view of the app’s success.

About K-12 Solutions & Parent ID Passport (PIPS)

K-12 Solutions is an IT company that provides services to the independent school sector. Their leading solution, Parent ID Passport (PIPs), is a system that simplifies parent access to online resources.

Most importantly, PIPs solves the problem of managing multiple usernames and passwords for parents who need to access various online services related to their children’s education. By using PIPS, parents can use one log-in to access any SAML and oAuth-capable solution, such as Digistorm’s school apps. This reduces the hassle and confusion of remembering different credentials for different services. What’s not to love about that?!

Parent ID Passport also provides security and privacy for parents by storing minimal data related to parents within an identity platform accredited across all major jurisdictions. Parents can also choose which personal social accounts to use or connect via Google, Apple and Microsoft accounts.

How does the integration work?

Parent ID Passport is a system that provides secure, simple, flexible and powerful user account management for parent access to online services. It allows parents to use one log-in for multiple services and choose from various social accounts to sign in. The Digistorm App is configured to pass authentication and oAuth authorisation requests to PIPs.

From an admin perspective, this will mean your school can manage parent accounts directly in your School Information System (SIS). When a family becomes active, automated processes will send each parent their log-in details and an explanatory letter welcoming them into the available digital services. Your school IT department will get access to an app that enables them to manage users within the PIPs system.

When parents use the Digistorm App integrated with K-12 Solutions, they will see a PIPs integrated log-in screen. They can then choose which account they want to log in with. They can use their personal username and password, or log in using social accounts or connect via Google, Apple and Microsoft accounts. Making things easier than ever before! 

Once they log in, they can access any SAML capable solution related to their child’s education without having to enter their credentials again. Secure, simple, flexible—what more could your parents ask for?

How does the integration help schools?

In a time when parents are exceptionally busy and hyper-concerned with privacy and data security, the Parent ID Passport by K-12 Solutions is valuable beyond measure. The integration with Digistorm highlights our shared goals of providing an exceptional user experience for parents and making it easy for schools to manage parent access. By integrating with Digistorm’s products, PIPs can offer more options and convenience for parents who want to access various online services related to their child’s education.

With this powerful integration between Digistorm and K-12 Solutions, schools will benefit from: 

  • A reduction in time and resources required to manage parent platform access and data entry.
  • Enhanced security and privacy of parent data by a trusted identity platform that has accreditation across all major jurisdictions.
  • A seamless and consistent user experience for families needing access to various online services related to their child’s education.
  • Increased online conversions and engagement of prospective families who visit the school app.

Using API connectivity to your HR database, PIPs can also automatically bring non-teaching staff such as coaches and music tutors into the Digistorm App and native app plugins such as Clipboard, without the need for them to be issued with Active Directory user accounts.

Next Steps
Ready to learn more about how the Digistorm + K-12 Solutions integration can benefit your school and be your go-to tool for simplified log-ins and heightened data security?
Published 21 March 2023