Chef extraordinaire slash marketing data expert? Now there’s a combo you don’t hear every day. Such is the brilliance of our Marketing Coordinator, Jayden. Leaving the long hours of hospitality behind to give his technical mind the chance to thrive, this guy has shown no signs of slowing down since officiating himself as part of Digistorm on November 15th, 2021.

We feel very lucky to have him, and by the sounds of things he’s pretty jazzed to be part of Digistorm, too.

Jayden Digipeople 2The 101 on our marketing whizz


Samantha: Heya! Can we start with an intro of who you are and what your role is at Digistorm? 

Jayden: My name is Jayden and I’m the Marketing Coordinator at Digistorm.


Samantha: Thanks! What was your journey into this role?

Jayden: I’ve come from a hospitality background but when I left that I did some support work for another company before a marketing role came up. I enjoyed the prospect of being creative in that role like I was as a chef. 

Digistorm according to Jayden


Samantha: What lured you into the world of Digistorm?

Jayden: The hybrid working environment was something that drew me to the position. The company looked like a lot of fun as well, and coming from hospitality and my previous workplace, that’s something I really wanted. I could tell Digistorm had a good energy that would help my marketing career thrive.


Samantha: Now for the cliché yet critical question: what do you enjoy most about working at Digistorm?

Jayden: It's extremely rewarding and allows us to do some really cool projects as a marketing team. I love the wider Digistorm team and particularly our little marketing team. 


Samantha: What campaign or task have you been most proud to be a part of so far?

Jayden: I’m extremely proud of what we achieved as a team with The Admissions Club. Personally, I love my work on our CRM, working with multiple teams on new processes and identifying our customers to ensure they’re getting content relevant to their role.


Samantha: People often say they grow and thrive in their jobs at Digistorm. Has this been the case for you?

Jayden: Absolutely! My manager, Timo, has been incredible in helping me grow as a person and in my role. We work together all the time in identifying goals as a team and what I can do within my interests and strengths to help the team achieve those goals. 


Samantha: Lunch breaks are a big deal at Digistorm. What do you do with yours?

Jayden: Head to Pretty Handsome. Everyone in the team knows how sad I am that the hot wings got moved to ‘only after 3pm’ so I’ve now started getting a beautiful chicken burger if they put the wing sauce on it. I like spending time with the team during the lunch breaks; we have an awesome, tight-knit team I get along with really well. So as much as I love my time working from home, I really enjoy the company of them when I’m in the office.

JaydenWork Life Balance


Samantha: How do you find your work life balance?

Jayden: Brilliant. There’s flexibility in the company and the directors and managers understand things that may pop up like emergency kindy runs. With two kids under 3, I find that really important. 


Samantha: How do you like hybrid working, how does it work for you?

Jayden: Being able to do some work from home to work on some data in silence and then come into the office to do some collaborative work is super fruitful for me and keeps me focussed and interested in the tasks I have.


Samantha: How important is team building to Digistorm?

Jayden: Digistorm loves a social event. We have plenty of opportunities to meet the team, every month there's a team lunch where new staff get the opportunity to go to lunch with current staff on a Friday to get to know people outside their team. Theres a family BBQ in the works so our families can meet and also be a part of the team at Digistorm. It’s a great team environment and Digistorm are always looking for a way to make the team even tighter.


Samantha: You’re an important slice of a six strong marketing team. What’s that like?

Jayden: The best. I absolutely love the team we have, everyone is extremely talented and I’m lucky to work in a team that challenges me everyday, but we're also great friends. Before coming to Digistorm, I never quite understood the concept of a mentor, but Timo has definitely become that for me and he has taught me so much in such a short space of time.


Samantha: Tell us about the culture at Digistorm?

Jayden: It’s extremely relaxed and nurturing. Everyone is there to help and even when giving feedback they’re empathetic and just trying to help you get better at what you do. 


Samantha: What excites you about the future of Digistorm?

Jayden: I think Digistorm still has enormous growth potential and being part of that growth really excites me.


Samantha: What makes working at Digistorm enjoyable?

Jayden: I love how relaxed and flexible Digistorm is. I love how the company puts you in the right environment to thrive and grow as both an employee and a person. Timo, my Marketing Manager, has helped me grow immensely into the marketing world while also teaching me skills in managing projects, dealing with conflict and organising people in teams. I feel much more equipped for my role, and higher roles, thanks to the opportunities presented to me at the company and the trust given to me by my managers.


Samantha: How would you describe who Digistorm is?

Jayden: Fun but game changing. 


Samantha: What makes working at Digistorm rewarding?

Jayden: The products we offer change the lives of school staff daily. We see so much feedback from staff on the tools speaking about how much Funnel or the Digistorm App is changing their lives, and feedback from schools about how the new Digistorm Website has received numerous compliments and is much easier to navigate for prospective parents. It’s great working with products that make such an impact.

Jayden Digipeople 7Jayden outside of work


Samantha: We’ve been rambling for a bit now. Let’s turn things up a notch and discuss Jayden BTS of Digistorm. What’s something people might be surprised to know about you?

Jayden: I am a qualified Chef, and have my WSET Level 2 qualifications for Wine Service. At 21 I opened my first restaurant, Nero Dining, alongside my dad. After being open for 6 months we received our first hat as a restaurant and I was the youngest chef hat recipient on record in the country. After a few years, we opened our second restaurant in Nobby's, Fredericks, and we had those until two months before COVID. In total we received chef hats at Nero every year we were open and I dabbled in wine service and wrote the lists for the last year they were both open. We ended up earning 2 goblets from Gourmet Traveller's wine list of the year awards for both restaurants and I am extremely proud of what we were able to achieve at both venues.


Samantha: Well, wow! That’s a pretty big deal. What’s been keeping you busy this year?

Jayden: 2 boys, my favourite little dudes in the world, Leo and Remy both under 3. My role at Digistorm, my full time Marketing degree, my endeavour to become a professional Call of Duty player (just kidding) and NRL super coach… I think that’s it.


Samantha: Sounds like you have about 3-minutes spare each day! Nevertheless, what’s something you want to tick off your bucket list this year?

Jayden: I really want to do my WSET Level 3 but I’m not sure if I’ll have the time. I think the things that are important for me right now are doing what makes me happy, so spending time with the kids and catching a few more live games of footy. When the kids are a little older, I'll relook at my bucket list.


Samantha: And last — but most certainly not least — what’s your signature dish or wine of choice?  

Jayden: Signature dish is definitely my least favourite question ever because it's a hard one to answer, so I’ll just give you a few wines. I’m currently drinking anything from Mt. Etna; the whites are primarily Cataratto, heaps of minerality, the reds are Nerello Mascalese, which is this bright pretty red fruited wine. Anything from Gamay and for Aussie wines I still think Alan Cooper from Cobaw Ridge is the best winemaker in the country.

Published April 11 2023