Flinders Christian Community College is an independent, coeducational, and interdenominational Christian School with multiple campuses in Victoria, Australia. As a Christian School (who also caters to those outside the faith), Flinders seeks to work with parents and guardians to develop principled, thoughtful, and analytical young people who will be prepared to take a purposeful place in the community. While all under the Flinders umbrella and aspiring to the same values, each school is unique and has a specific target audience which they need to connect with. 


We sat down with Monica Wulff, the Head of Marketing and Enrolments at Flinders, to learn more about how a Digistorm website has helped her school

The challenge

The Flinders marketing and enrolments team has four full time staff members, and the school itself has just over 1600 students across three campuses. The Flinders marketing and IT team used to maintain their website themselves, but as they grew it became harder to stay focussed on the every details, and felt it would be better to bring in an external specialist partner.

“I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted. But in further discussion and collaboration with Digistorm, we ended up with a far more superior product.”

The importance of a school website

Flinder’s school website is very important from a communications and enrollment point of view, and for allowing their existing families to find important information simply, and easily. They recognised that they needed a streamlined online hub from which they could manage and grow their marketing and admissions efforts across all campuses.

“Digistorm could really, with their expertise, and what we wanted, come together and build a beautiful website for us. It was an end to end experience working with Digistorm, our community just loved our new website.”

With their new website, Flinder’s I.T team are still able to handle any major updates. But from a marketing team perspective, because the website is so simple and easy to use, the team can just update content themselves, without any training, and whenever they want to.

On working with Digistorm

“Working with Digistorm as well, if there’s some new build, they’re willing to work with us. Our website definitely is kicking goals for us. It’s a communication channel, but it’s also a marketing tool for us. From enrolments to marketing to existing family communication, it’s definitely reaching the goals that we’ve set for it.”

If you’re thinking of embarking on your own website journey, Monica suggests that you start with doing your homework, and understanding what you think your families (both existing and new) need. 

"Be a little bit prepared before meeting up with Digistorm; but then you don’t have to know it all. Because that’s what they’ll do. They’ll come with their expertise, their knowledge, show examples of what works well, what doesn’t work well, staying on trend. Have a chat with their team, and they’ll quickly put you in the right direction.”

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Published July 28 2022