Digistorm ploughed into 2023 with a goal to work hard and play hard. And we're happy to report that goal was a raging success across all of our teams.

From the expansion of team USA to the launch of Digistorm University, not to mention the welcoming of Veracross and 91 new schools!

This year has been a labour of love for our community across the world, with each person in our 60+ team deserving a genuine pat on the back (and a few days of relaxation over the holidays). 

91 new schools and a whole lot of community love

In between trivia sessions, long runs, office improvements, fancy dress parties, and workouts for charity, we welcomed 91 new schools into the Digistorm fold. Our community now joins together from many corners of the globe, from Canada to Colombia and Cambodia to Kyrgyzstan!

We also saw our community at 5 workshops, 11 webinars, 24 conferences and countless school visits. For some of us, that meant 80 hours of flying in the space of 12 months! 

Luckily, there were lunchtime surfs to kick the jet lag. 

Upgrades and assistance across all of our products

On the product front, we worked hard to roll out Craft 4, made integral performance and security upgrades, and implemented 182 new features to make the Digistorm suite even better. 

Not surprisingly, a lot of us used our wellness allowance after all those hours of dedication and effort. 

To help our clients up-skill, we wrote 43 Insights articles and 162 Support Hub articles, and launched Digistorm University, complete with 21 video tutorials.

Growing all over the globe

Over in the USA, the team worked on an impressive collection of integrations and doubled the amount of people in their office. And by the sounds of things, they tripled their time on the snow slopes beside their Denver HQ. 

Most importantly of all, we welcomed a great new partner in Veracross, allowing us both to bring more choice to our communities across the world.

Thanks for another incredible year 

This year made us bigger and better than ever before, but we’re the same old Digistorm you know and love—committed, fun and on a mission to create products that lead the way in ed-tech and help you grow and connect your school's community.

Now let’s see what 2024 has in store. 

Published 6 December 2023