Have you ever wished that you could unlock the secrets to creating relevant and engaging content that your audience will love? Well, today's your lucky day! If you're subscribed to Digistorm's YouTube channel or follow us on social media, you've probably noticed that we've upped our video game recently. This is all thanks to our video content creator, Isaac Lawlor. With a background working across a range of commercial video productions, feature films, and TV pilots, Isaac is quite the expert when it comes to all things video. So, what does his creative process look like and how do you create engaging content? We sat down with Isaac to find out. 

What does a typical day in the life of a video content creator look like? 

It's pretty busy – there's a lot to do. I'm either editing, planning upcoming shoots, filming, and really just making sure that I drink enough coffee throughout the day to get through all of that. 

What's involved in the video creation process?

The process of creating a video is pretty involved – there's a lot of pre-production to take of before you start filming. This typically includes; defining who your target audience is, storyboarding what your video is going to look like, and defining what you want to communicate. From there, it's filming, choosing the right location, getting the audio crisp and clear, and then making sure that your on-screen talent is communicating your message effectively. Finally, it's time to take care of post-production. This is when you'll start cutting your video, adding animations or music, and of course, exporting your video in the right format for all of your digital channels. 

What do you believe is the key to creating engaging video content? 

Honestly, I don't think there is just one key ingredient to creating an engaging video that everyone loves and goes wild for. What I do believe is that there are a number of boxes you need to tick, and you might be surprised, but a lot of them really come from that pre-production stage. First, you need to know who you're talking to – who's the video for? You need to have a clear idea about the message you want to communicate, and how you're going to communicate it in a creative way that people can engage with. Finally, you want to tie it all together by creating a story that your audience can relate to and identify with, really adding that human element. 

What advice would you give a school that's looking to film a promotional video?

My best advice would be to plan as much as you can. Take the time to write down your key objective goal, who your target audience is and what the story is that you're wanting to tell. Think about possible shooting locations, you'll want to choose somewhere with great natural lighting (especially if you don't have lights). Also, it probably goes without saying, but try to pick an interesting location – inside a small office isn't all that exciting. 

Storyboarding is also incredibly helpful when it comes to saving time and achieving your goal. I recommend writing down or drawing out the exact shots you need and get specific about what's required to achieve them. Who will be in each shot? What will the dialogue be? Where is your location? Where will your camera be positioned? When you're ready to put it all together, keep it short and to the point. If a shot doesn't add to the story, chances are you don't need it.

What equipment is needed to get started? 

There's a bit of equipment required, but you don't need the best of the best to get started. All you need is a simple, digital camera, a microphone (audio is really important), and maybe a few lights. For post-production, you'll need some editing software. If you're a Mac user, you'll have access to iMovie, which is a free program and is really easy to use. If not, you can look at paid programs like Adobe Premiere Pro which are great and allow for more customisation, however, it's a little more complicated so, I would definitely recommend getting some training before using it.

Isaac's top picks: 

Where do you look for inspiration?  

For my videos, I like to draw inspiration from many places. I like to watch a lot of behind the scenes footage from movies and videos that I enjoy, analysing lighting setups and camera positions so that I can try to replicate that and keep up with the best practice in the industry.

Which brands are nailing video marketing? 


When it comes to SaaS videos, Mailchimp is one of my favourite brands at the moment. The team at Mailchimp produce loads of different video content from short films and documentaries to company culture videos. Storytelling is so important when it comes to creating engaging video, and their team nails it. Watch any Mailchimp video and you'll notice that they all tell a story. They also put a lot of time into ensuring their videos are well-planned, scripted, and produced. If you're on the lookout for fun or creative video ideas, I highly recommend jumping over to their website and taking a look. 


Mailchimp video: unlikely business lessons

Mailchimp: Unlikely Business Lessons 


Another brand that I think is doing a great job with their video content is Hubspot. Hubspot take advantage of video content in many ways from certification training and webinars, to case studies and product explainers. What I love most about Hubspot videos is the way they're created with a simple and clear purpose. Their videos often cover a range of complex and technical topics, but what I love is the way they leverage animation, scripting, and imagery to make make it simple. 


Hubspot: What is Hubspot? 


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Published March 22 2020