It’s been over a decade since the Digistorm journey began with a three person team, a few computers and some big ideas to solve problems for schools. The years since have given us a lot to be thankful for, with our portfolio of schools growing way beyond what we dreamed and our expansion overseas in full swing. 

To keep the momentum going and ensure we offer our schools all they deserve in the technology space, we’re taking an exciting step in our journey, merging with the like-minded team at Veracross, headquartered in Boston!   

Although it will be business as usual for our team and our schools, we’re eager to introduce Veracross to our community. With shared values, similar histories and common aspirations for the future, we know this new chapter means incredible things for Digistorm, our team and our community. 

 "...the alignment between Digistorm and Veracross is more than just facts on paper; it’s about the deep-seated values both organizations share." 


Who is Veracross?

Veracross is a technology innovator leading the Ed-tech space, offering cloud-based SIS platforms designed to meet the unique needs of independent schools. They’ve been in the biz for 20+ years and have hundreds of glowing reviews to their name. 

Like us, Veracross is solely focused on primary and secondary schools and dedicates 100% of its product development to this market, serving more than 2,500 schools from over 60 countries across the world. 

What we love about Veracross is their ability to offer a ‘one person, one record’ school management platform for K-12 independent schools. The benefit of a “one-record-for-life database” is that it allows schools to access a single source of truth across all departments.  

With Veracross, schools improve the user experience for their families and students, enhance learning and foster a whole new level of school-wide collaboration. Their top priority is ensuring the confidentiality, security, and availability of customer data by always maintaining best-in-class security standards. Veracross also offers a world-class API that synchronizes data seamlessly from a school’s preferred software to the Veracross single-record architecture. 

With schools declaring them “a game changer”, an uptime of 99.99% and integrations with close to 200 leading third-party solutions, it’s probably easy to understand why we decided to join their fold.

How do Veracross and Digistorm align? 

Apart from having a matching commitment to all the good things like product excellence and customer service, Digistorm and Veracross both offer premium, 100% cloud-based, and best-in-class products for K-12 schools around the world. 

But the alignment between Digistorm and Veracross is more than just facts on paper; it’s about the deep-seated values both organizations share. Both organizations take a relationship-based approach to schools—from first contact to our community events and ongoing support—and actively nurture a genuinely fun, innovative, and inclusive company culture. When it comes to our platforms, we both share a dedication to clean student records that ensure the confidentiality, security, and availability of data.  

Digistorm and Veracross are also united in their mission to enable schools to make software decisions that are right for them. This means Digistorm will continue to integrate with other SIS providers, and Veracross will integrate with providers that provide similar offerings to Digistorm. 

What’s next 

Joining forces with Veracross will strengthen our ability to deliver better, faster, and more empowering tools for you and your team. This means we’ll be full steam ahead, continuing to provide the top-notch products, customer support and community events you’ve come to expect. This includes:

  • Continued local support through our Denver office.
  • Locally hosted servers.
  • The same friendly Digistorm crew you’ve come to love.
  • Integration roadmaps detailing how Digistorm products will work with Veracross, helping our schools grow and connect their communities.

We look forward to offering you an even better experience and helping your school thrive in the ever-changing educational landscape.

Find out more

Keen to learn more about the acquisition of Digistorm by Veracross? You are welcome to chat to your CSM for more details. To learn more about Veracross, you can jump on their website

Published May 31 2023