Facebook is one of every school’s favourite ways to communicate with their school community. It’s the social media channel with the largest amount of users and with the highest frequency of use. It turns out we just can’t get enough of it, so it’s only right that businesses and schools take more time to ensure their content has high reach and engagement.

New Years Day presents a perfect opportunity to engage with your community on Facebook. Most families are often taking time off at home, and more than likely scrolling social. With that in mind, here are some of the ideas we’ve come up with for New Years posts in 2022.

1. An on-brand illustration

Get eyeballs on your post amongst a sea of sparkler photos by posting an on-brand illustration done up in your school colours. That's what we do every January 1 to wish our clients a Happy New Year! Here's our post from last year. Keep your eyes peeled for our new illustration in 2022.


2. Your highlights reel from the previous year

2021 is done and dusted, but it wasn't without its share of challenges. To commemorate a year of flexible, 'unprecedented times' and champion teachers, you might like to post a gallery of high-quality images that represent the highlights of your year. This could include student achievements, key events, or even, new programs and technology.


St Catherine's School, Melbourne

3. A word of the year

It's likely your school christened 2021 'The Year of Courage' or 'The Year of Growth' — how true that word ended up becoming! For 2022, why not incorporate your word of the year into your first post of the year?

4. Milestones and achievements!

For all of your Year 12 students who graduated in 2021, the new year means anxiously awaiting university offer rounds! Why not take the opportunity to congratulate your Class of 2021 on their academic achievements or share your impressive ATAR results. 

5. A 'behind-the-scenes' adventures post

Are your teachers or school staff off on any exciting adventures during the break? Reach out and ask for a photo to share as a behind-the-scenes look at what your community gets up to away from the classroom! 

6. Student reflections from the year

Your staff aren't the only ones who have positive memories from the previous year. Your students likely do too! Share a series of posts that feature a quote about what they enjoyed or learned from 2021. Bonus points if you use a clever hashtag to group them!


We hope that some of our tips have helped to spark new and exciting ideas for your school’s posts! Need more inspiration? Check out our post on Ideas for school social content over the holidays. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Published 22 December 2020