Key points:
  • School's payment processes are often clunky and hard to use
  • A Digistorm Website + Diamond Mind integration can smoothen the process
  • The result: making the lives of parents and school staff easier

You've invested in a great new website for your school, but taking payments is still a clunky process for parents paying admissions fees or gifts; while your business operations team struggles with a poorly-optimised backend process. Enter our new Digistorm Websites integration partner: Diamond Mind.

About Digistorm Websites

Digistorm Websites are designed to make a great first impression on prospective families with a custom-built, on-brand school website. We specialise in designing and building leading school websites for some of the world’s top schools, tailored to their specific needs.

Our websites are uniquely designed to meet school’s requirements and goals, and they can select from a wide range of custom features to allow users to find the information and services they need — fast.

About Diamond Mind

Diamond Mind by Community Brands is the leading expert in campus-wide payment solutions for independent schools. As the school industry experts – Community Brands stands committed and ready to demonstrate how schools can improve business operations through the effective use of credit card processing, ACH, and Purchase Cards.

With Diamond Mind’s payment processing, parents easily make online payments on their school’s Digistorm website and your school staff can manage those payments in a variety of ways using customisable reports. Payments can include admission fees and donations through Digistorm’s platforms, as well as tuition, summer program registration fees, and more through Diamond Mind’s own software solutions. Online payment methods can include eCheck (ACH), Credit or Debit Card.

How does the integration work?

Diamond Mind’s payment processing connects to Digistorm’s software behind the scenes, and is simple for school staff to implement. The Diamond Mind Client Services team sits down and helps schools create the integration credentials in their payment gateways. The credentials are then sent to Digistorm where they’re input into the current instance of the software. From there, the Digistorm forms will be connected and ready to process payments! The benefit here is a smooth experience for families with payments facilitated on the spot, in a secure environment and with their payment method of choice. 

A core concern from all parties involved is security, which is why secure transmission of payment data is a priority with Diamond Mind. The transaction authorisation request is routed through your school's payment gateway to your merchant services account, which makes for a more reliable process. The payment processor handles authorisation and settlement of the payment through the card or ACH network.

Funds are automatically settled daily and deposited soon after into the school’s bank account. School staff can quickly and easily view, manage, report, and reconcile all payments. Schools provide one or more users with access to the gateway, where they can review all payments and filter by type, date, payment status, payer name, and amount to quickly drill down to payment details. This eliminates hours of manual, error-prone reconciliation effort each month. The Diamond Mind support team makes the process easier by assisting with the setup and providing ongoing support.

And for greater accuracy, Funnel provides schools with payment reporting, ensuring that all accounting routines are streamlined and more efficient.

How does the integration help your school?

1. Real-time online reporting and export customisable reports with the click of a button

By improving reporting capabilities for payments, processes will be more accurate and the likelihood of human error is reduced. Real-time reporting speeds up the entire process, and reports can be saved and customised for permanent record keeping. 


2. Daily deposits—directly to your bank account

With daily deposits users don’t have to wait to see and track their payments, giving a clearer picture of the payments process and allowing them to monitor more accurately and with more reliability, with a consistent picture of the cash flow. 


3. Secure funds with PCI compliant security

Diamond Mind’s PCI compliant security measures ensure that payment card information is safe and secure. Cardholder data security should never be taken lightly, which is why Diamond Mind’s solutions meet the highest level of PCI compliance, allowing the schools they serve and the families of those schools to utilise online payments with confidence.


4. Integrates with most 3rd party K-12 software products

Diamond Mind’s payment processing integrates with a wide variety of K-12 software products. This allows a choice between best-in-breed solutions across a campus, with payments kept under one trusted umbrella. 


5. Dedicated 1:1 account management support

Diamond Mind users are supported with a dedicated Account Manager, assigned to manage and ensure the operational health of payment processing accounts, and provide a constant source of support and guidance.

6. Unlimited support and training

Users are guided every step of the way with a Diamond Mind integration, and provided unlimited access to a host of school support exports and training. So if you're a user, this means you can get help whenever it's needed on topics like user access, reports and reconciliation, monthly statements, refunds, and more.

Next steps

Ready to learn more about how this integration is your go-to tool for streamlining the payment process on your website? Talk to our friendly team to learn how the Digistorm Websites + Diamond Mind integration can benefit your school. We’ll get to know your goals and run you through a quick, no-pressure walkthrough. Take your payment process to the next level with Diamond Mind and your Digistorm Website.

Published 11 May 2022